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Iron Throne Made Of Dildos | 💰 Million Dollar Gift Club

Based on the successful Game of Thrones series from HBO / softcore, this masterpiece of the erotic chair is expertly crafted by experienced artists and includes 200 impressive dildos. The Iron Throne Made Of Dildos is fulfilled by Amazon.

The Irone Throne (Of Dildos): Ridiculous Sex Toys - AskMen

The famous Iron Throne, forged from the thousand dicks of Aegon Targaryen’s fallen enemies. This one-of-a-kind item sold on eBay in 2015, for an obscene amount of money.

A Game Of Thrones Iron Throne Made With 200 Dildos - Geekologie

This is The Bone Throne, a replica of the Iron Throne built by UK-based bondage company Bondara. The throne has 200 rubber dildos attached. Personally, I think there should be way more. There is like, way too much empty space on that throne. I suspect they got cheap and didn't want to waste any more fake wieners than they had to.


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Man Sells Game Of Thrones' Iron Throne Dildo Chair On eBay ft ...

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Life Size Iron Throne Replica - ThisIsWhyImBroke

Rule over the seven kingdoms by sitting high atop this Iron Throne made of dildos. Inspired from HBO’s hit TV/soft porno series Game Of Thrones, this erotic masterpiece of a chair is expertly assembled by skilled artists and features 200 imposing dildos.

Fantasy Phallic Furniture : Dildo Throne

Created to promote the company's newest line, Game of Bones, the Dildo Throne is made out of 200 sex toys. At a quick glance, it might look just like the Iron Throne all of Westeros is fighting over, but upon second glance it's much more disturbing. If a person didn't understand what they were looking at, they could easily mistake the dildos for creepy crawlers.