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why do dildos hurt me so bad

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I've been using a dildo for a long time. Also I am not a virgin. Lately when I use my dildo it hurts, not like its scraping or anything but like an internal pain, almost like its bruised, I don't recall anything drastic happening down there and I am not sure what this could be.

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Anonymous. +1 y. Actually, I have never had vaginal sex but I did th same thing and bought a bunch of toys. I found hat working your way up over time from say a bullet, to a larger bullet, to a small dildo, to a biger one is the perfect transition. Just make sure the dildos are made of soft material so its comfortable.

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UR3 dildos feel really good inside. they have a semi-stiff core and soft skin outside. theres a couple of videos of me using one in my profile. that feels super good in my hole I haven't bought one yet but Mr. Hankey has dildos made from some super soft silicone. and you can apparently use them with any kind of lube.

Dildos hurt. Like, alot. Why did i even do thiss ughhh : sex

Why did i even do thiss ughhh : sex. Dildos hurt. Like, alot. Why did i even do thiss ughhh. Hey so i know this is gonna sound super fkn arkward but i’m a minor so yeah. I kinda need some advice more than anything. So yeah. I’m on my period in 3 days and it’s horny time XD not joke.

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The dildo will be harder and more rigid, even when made from a flesh-like material such as silicone. First-time dildo users might find this unaccustomed hardness to be a little painful. It is for this reason that we recommend always using lots of lube when penetrating yourself with a dildo. You will have to control the dildo.

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If it does hurt her too much then tell her to stop and go back to you/the real thing. But you have no need to feel insecure, regardless of size a dildo (or vibrator) isn't anything close to a good substitute for the real thing. Have fun, add that spice, shake it up. enjoy. #11 D_Kay_Sarah_Sarah, Sep 19, 2007.

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Sooo, Question - I'm having a problem, and have tossed 3 dildos so far. Certain jelly dildos burn my vagina, I've switched to an unlubed condom to cover it so theres no lube interaction with the dildos, I've been checked for infections, I switched dildos..

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PVC sex toys 🙁. Bad. Common in realistic dildos. PVC, by nature, is a very hard substance, so if you have a soft squishy PVC toy, it’s likely that it’s been softened with toxic phthalates. This is a very common sex toy material because it’s cheap to produce. This is a very porous material. Latex Rubber sex toys 🙁. Sprint away.

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Don't do a pumping action like you normally can with a penis sized dildo, the friction around the curve could cause a hemorrhage (tear). This is a dangerous form of masturbation, and I'm not a doctor, but I don't think you could get one to recommend it.

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The best thing about sex toys is that you can pretty much use them in whatever way brings you pleasure. It’s your body, so you get to pick what toys to use and how: the shape, the type of touch ...